Behold the celebration of a decade of KOJAK – a brand that has etched its name in the fashion industry for its experimental and dramatic approach. The FW collection, ‘Bury Me In Couture’, is a meticulous blend of KOJAK’s signature design codes. The fusion of draping, hand embroidery, and upholstery fabrics creates a contemporary and […]

H/P‘/ Collection

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R/‘E Collection

H/‘E Collection

  The PRE SS’19 Haute-Couture Collection, Reverence, visualizes the designer, Mohanad Kojak’s, deep respect and honor for his beloved lost grandmother. Kojak objectified his feelings towards her loss by designing magnificent garments that were inspired by her flamboyances, ambiances, and milieus. The haute-couture collection is an abstract edition of his vision of his treasured grandmother, […]


 The Kojak Spring-Summer ‘19 haute couture collection, Exposure, envisions a valiant battle between a person and their biggest fear, whatever that may be. Whether the outcome is defeating one’s inner saboteur or learning to live with it, Exposure celebrates the good fight and paints a picture of an everyday warrior, fortified with allure and confidence. […]


The Kojak Spring-Summer ‘19 collection builds on a narrative that runs through the designer’s oeuvre. The previous collection was inspired by finding boldness in hard times, while this one celebrates the poise that follows. Once victimized, the protagonist finds their voice and asserts their presence through an independent and liberated aesthetic. They feel and look […]


The Caught in Her Web Haute Couture collection draws inspiration from the ancient stories surrounding the Jorōgumo, incorporating features from spider-figure combined with feminine cuts.The collection features asymmetric cuts, dawning on the chaotic relationship between the Jorōgumo and its lovers. The embroidery and use of feathers on some of the pieces mirror the beauty and […]


The Daddy’s Dolls collection features embellished tracksuits, melodramatic 80’s-inspired minidresses and a suit that’s sequined from head to toe, in addition to printed t-shirts, shirts and tracksuits. The collection is combines versatility with Kojak’s signature costume-styles, blending trendy sportswear with couture, including pieces that could be called on for an all-day escapade, taking the outfit […]


Inspired by the idea of genocide comes this collection to stand in contrast to all that Kojak’s stands for. It stands in the face of beauty and harmony, highlighting the reality that can be found in life. The collection doesn’t interpret genocide in the literal sense, but the idea of societal genocide where the ‘other’ […]


This capsule collection was a manifestation that feminine and bold can easily be combined. It was meant to be an empowering collection, blurring the line between reckless and graceful through the silhouettes that combine both regality and practicality, with a touch of edge.


Inspired by a more heavenly time, ‘Haute Heave’ is a collection celebrating baroque art and all its delicacy and beauty. It has a very dreamy feel and introduces Kojak’s iconic angel motifs and traits, giving the collection a surreal and heavenly feel.


Wildhood tells the stories of the remnants of love and what it does to us. It tells the story of how winter is like in the eyes of the heartbroken and how they seek comfort through others and through empowering themselves. It’s about finding the freedom within to stand strong and stride forward.


From the idea that life is a huge field trip, this collection brought forward the idea of letting go from any communal and societal restraints. It’s about allowing yourself to be happy, to be free and to embrace your inner child. It’s about the young, the next generation that will shape the world, not with […]