'911 Ambulance For Bleeding Soul'


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About The Collection

Kojak Europe's FW23 collection blends couture and street style to create harmony in uncertain times. Models' expressions reveal fragility and resilience in a battle within oneself. Entitled "911 AMBULANCE FOR BLEEDING SOUL", this collection showcases an expertly crafted fusion of leather and lace, denim and velvet, resulting in a striking contrast of textures that effortlessly embodies the collection's overarching themes. From impeccably tailored pieces to intricate hand embroidery on street-style silhouettes, each garment takes us on a surreal journey, evoking a range of emotions and experiences. The collection invites us to contemplate the complexities of emotional pain and the search for solace, raising a poignant question: if we know to dial 911 for physical emergencies, who do we call for a bleeding soul?