Bury Me In Couture


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About The Collection

Behold the celebration of a decade of KOJAK - a brand that has etched its name in the fashion industry for its experimental and dramatic approach. The FW collection, 'Bury Me In Couture', is a meticulous blend of KOJAK's signature design codes. The fusion of draping, hand embroidery, and upholstery fabrics creates a contemporary and refined take on the brand's aesthetic. The collection is a dazzling display of textures, materials, and embellishments, all converging to create an ensemble that accentuates KOJAK's wearable yet theatrical designs. From voluminous drapes in flamingo pink to cloudy teal taffeta, the collection transports us to a world of fantasy and drama. KOJAK's signature jacquard fabric, with its unique silhouettes and shapes, is brought back to life with hand embroidery and embellishments that give it a three-dimensional feel. The collection also juxtaposes voluminous drapes with figure-hugging and structured silhouettes, showcasing a diverse range of designs while maintaining consistency with the brand's core aesthetic. 'Bury Me In Couture' is an invitation to immerse oneself in a world of drama and sophistication, translated into couture. It promises a lifetime of love and appreciation for the art of couture, buried in the very essence of the collection.

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