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About The Collection

The Kojak Spring-Summer ‘19 haute couture collection, Exposure, envisions a valiant battle between a person and their biggest fear, whatever that may be. Whether the outcome is defeating one’s inner saboteur or learning to live with it, Exposure celebrates the good fight and paints a picture of an everyday warrior, fortified with allure and confidence. Exposure is a collection of glamorous gowns, cocktail dresses and elegant jumpsuits. The rich details of embroidery and dramatic but fluid tailored gestures portray a regal opulence. The color palette ranges browns, mustard yellow, deep layers of gold and a hint of green, where every piece is a gilded armor. The fabrics include hand-embroidered lace, tulle and crêpe and have been customized for the collection in India and by the Kojak studio in Egypt. The collection features a strong presence of headpieces, earrings, bold necklaces, hairpieces and bracelets. The jewelry showcases the brand’s extension into other elements of design and were partly sourced from India, while some were created as a collaboration between Kojak and Egyptian jewelry designer Menna Khalil. Symbols such as a sword are featured in the accessories to hint at power and a constant readiness for daily battles. The collection aims the spotlight onto the strong fighters in the Kojak clan.

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