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About The Collection

The Kojak Spring-Summer ‘19 collection builds on a narrative that runs through the designer’s oeuvre. The previous collection was inspired by finding boldness in hard times, while this one celebrates the poise that follows. Once victimized, the protagonist finds their voice and asserts their presence through an independent and liberated aesthetic. They feel and look reborn in power. In The Hereafter is a collection that combines practical materials with glamor elements. Featuring pieces for every occasion, it includes structured linen shirts, head-to-toe denim suits, sequined tops and flowy denim and poplin dresses. The colors are solid white, black and denim shades with outstanding hot pink that hints at confidence. The collection highlights practicality and comfort while maintaining a chic and edgy structure to each piece. Making everyday statements, they can be constantly restyled to go with past Kojak collections. In The Hereafter is created with every Kojak girl in mind, reflecting the individuality and diversity of their strong fashion identities.

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