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About The Collection

The PRE SS'20 Ready-To-Wear Collection, Reverence, depicts the great tragedy of Mohanad Kojak’s Grandmother’s death. This appalling event is Kojak’s prominent inspiration. The designer did not want to reveal the misfortune of her death cynically, conversely he has designed outstandingly solidified garments that commemorate his delightful and remarkable memories with her. The collection exhibited an assembly of eccentric fabrics, embroideries and vibrant colors that created modern appealing pieces. Reverence, is a collection that’s inspired by the ambiances and surroundings of Kojak’s Grandmother. The designer created embellishments out of blanket materials, the "couvert", which has an Egyptian authentic pattern. These materials were constantly present in his upbringing. In his perception, they symbolized warmth and comfort, which also reflects his feelings towards his beloved lost one. He used the couvert to create jumpers, polished and original wide leg pants, lavish skirts, and corsets. The designer’s reminiscing journey also stimulated him with the unconventional embroidery and beading technique of the collection. These techniques were inspired by his Grandma’s “Macintosh Quality Street” box that he states, “was always filled with buttons, needles, threads, ornamented appliques...etc and never chocolate”. He was visually inspired by the vibrant colors, and the diversity of elements that he has always perceived as an artwork. This avant-garde method was handmade on the branded garments, such as the deux-pieces vital blue jumper and the gore skirt. This jeweled technique was also embedded on the iconic Kojak Denim Jacket, that is often launched with each collection. Likewise, this fabric and jeweled embroidery was also used on the couvert bomber, giving the jacket a chic and refined sensation and on a couvert strapless gown. The Macintosh Artwork did not only inspire his embroidery technique, it also aroused the sequins patches textile that was hand-made at the Studio. This textile was tailored on the symbolic pouf off-shoulder short dress that Kojak also often launches with most of his collections, also a deux-pieces slip skirt and a high-neck wrap top. The collection is characterized by a blend of sporty-like garments assorted with duchess traces, using solid colors such as fuchsia, blue and lime green. These characteristics were highly present in the fuchsia symbolic pouf extravagant shoulder blouses that are emblematic to the brand and the extravagant sequins lime green pouf crop blouses. These blouses are also stimulated by his grandma’s styling. Kojak also used floral patterns that demonstrated where he foresees his grandma; in Heaven. He used these patterns in the floral classy anorak with neon piping providing an elegant sporty look to the anorak, and a striking floral velvet evening dress with a slit and lime green piping giving the dress a sporty character. He also implemented elegance to sporty garments such as the cycling floral velvet shorts with neon inward piping giving it a sophistication sense. Reverence derived another bombshell in the collection, the first Kojak Pochette Shoulder Bag that was also executed with the astonishing handmade embroidery, and a magnificent combination of gold chain and vast white pearls. Kojak’s playfulness and elegance is for the bold, independent, edgy and daring individuals. The garments of the collection can be layered and mixed differently, they can go the extra mile and can be styled moderately as well.

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